By: Richard Wan

Just read the posting from Lee Bee Wah. She gave the impression that she was the one who got the NS deferment for Joseph Schooling. This is not true.

There was his mother and a whole bunch of international coaches and swimming experts giving expert testimonies why Joseph’s deferment is needed in order for him to be trained and win medals at the Olympics (

But the real clincher, according to May, was the assistance that poured in from all corners of the globe.

“Top authorities in the world came in to help us and supply us with all the information we needed,” she said.

“For example, Gregg Troy, the men’s head coach at USA swimming then, and Bill Sweetenham, who was an advisor to the Singapore Sports Council, all wrote letters supporting Joseph.”

“They’re the ones who can see talent, and they say he will be world-class,” she added.

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