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SINGAPORE: In 2023, tech jobs in Singapore experienced a notable shift in salaries, with a majority witnessing a decline, according to a report by NodeFlair. Despite a previous upward trajectory, the industry faced a downturn due to dwindling funding across the region.

NodeFlair’s Asia Tech Salary Report found that game and solutions engineer roles bore the brunt of this trend, facing a substantial average compensation decrease of 6.66% and 5.7%, respectively, throughout the year.

Following closely behind were blockchain engineers, experiencing a 5.4% salary cut, and DevOps professionals with a nearly 2% dip.

Meanwhile, data engineers, data analysts, and software engineers saw marginal declines of 1.2%, 1.1%, and 1%, respectively.

Attributing the salary decline to funding trends, NodeFlair said: “While recent years saw substantial growth, tech salaries have declined overall due to Southeast Asia’s tech funding hitting a five-year low in 2023.”

However, despite the setback, salaries still exceeded those from two years prior, indicating a shift towards a more balanced compensation structure.

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Amidst the challenges, certain roles defied the downward trend.

Data scientists emerged as notable beneficiaries, experiencing an impressive 11.3% surge in average compensation during the year. Cybersecurity engineers, systems analysts, and quality assurance professionals also saw their salaries rise by over 8%.

NodeFlair pointed to the global adoption of generative AI as a key factor driving the increased demand and higher salaries for data scientists.

“As the tech industry navigates talent challenges in 2024 amidst the ascent of Generative AI and a focus on financial prudence,” said Ethan Ang, CEO of NodeFlair, encapsulating the evolving landscape of Singapore’s tech sector.