The following is a Facebook post by Tabitha Charmaine.

This happened to me this morning and it’s something that shocked me to my very core. I was on the way to work and changing trains at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. I was next in line to go up the escalator when a middle aged Chinese male cut in front of me, forcing me out of my position, making me stand to the right to wait for him to board the escalator with his luggage. He stared at me and didn’t apologise.
I responded with ‘excuse me uncle’ and he exploded with, “What! You think this is your fathers lane ah? F***ing Indian.”
I went on to reply “uncle you stepped in my way and didn’t even apologise and then you glared at me?!”
He carried on with “so what I am a f***ing man ok, you stupid woman. You open your mouth for what?”
He went on to hurl insulting comments and remarks at me of both sexist and racist nature. I was in shock and motionless.
It was right in front of the control station. The morning crowd around me stopped, stared and walked by. Many of them were Indian, many of them were female. All of whom would have clearly heard his insults, but none of them said or did anything. Even the control station staff were unsure of whether or not to step in.
Great work guys. Because seeing a 6ft male yelling at a 5ft female is a normal everyday occurrence. I thought long and hard about whether or not to post this. But after calming myself down and processing this, I feel this needs to be said.
Racism and sexism is very much alive in this self-proclaimed ‘racially-inclusive’ and ‘harmonious’ country. To everyone who says that there’s no racism in Singapore? Wake up.
People need to be reminded of this and need to learn to stand up for what’s right and realise that we are all humans one in the same. There is so much hatred in the world as it is, these little acts of stupidity and ignorance could spark more problems that our country is too small to handle.

This happened to me this morning and it's something that shocked me to my very core. I was on the way to work and…

Posted by Tabitha Charmaine on Thursday, 17 March 2016