Tiffany Henyard

Recently, Mayor Tiffany Henyard, the Mayor of Dolton, Illinois has been viralled on conservative X pages for her rather controversial statement. Apparently, there were people questioning her on her lavish spending and her response was that Black folks are attacking Black women in power. 

The Daily Mail stated in January that the first female mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, faces backlash for extravagant spending, proposing a salary cut for her successor. Despite earning $300,000 annually, she seeks to cap the next mayor’s pay at $25,000, sparking accusations of discouraging competition. 

Trustees file a lawsuit alleging forgery and financial record concealment. Henyard’s spending habits draw scrutiny, including hiring a convicted child rapist as a code enforcement officer and hefty security expenses. 

She faces criticism for her lavish lifestyle and dismisses accusations on social media. Despite a recall attempt over her controversial hires, she remains defiant, declaring herself “forever Dolton’s mayor.”

Conservatives angry at Mayor Tiffany Henyard for criticizing her voters 

Conservatives on X are unhappy that a prominent person in power is seen allegedly misusing the city’s funds. Furthermore, they are angry at the fact that this person is using the racial card when others are questioning her about their tax dollars. Typically, politicians should be held accountable for their actions. 

Others find it ironic that she is blaming the people of her own community for questioning her. For the most part, many agree that they have the right to question anyone who is in charge of their respective districts. Following that, a conservative X user states that she has the power to change things, but instead is blaming the system. 

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