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McDonalds is known for their affordable meal options for those who are down on their luck with their affordable pricing. Furthermore, the restaurant is also meant for those who want a quick affordable delicious meal that is inexpensive. Unfortunately, in liberal states, their prices have gone up rather high. 

Breitbart states, McDonald’s executives have acknowledged the deterrent effect of their steeply priced $18 Big Mac meals and other inflated menu items on lower-income customers. Chief Financial Officer Ian Borden conceded during an earnings call that consumers are increasingly wary of pricing. 

CEO Chris Kempczinski noted a trend of smaller orders, particularly among customers with lower incomes. This marks a shift from previous statements, where executives downplayed the impact of price increases. Menu prices surged around ten percent in both 2022 and 2023, leading to a significant hike in meal costs. 

Furthermore, the $18 price tag for a Big Mac meal represents a substantial increase from 2018. Concerns are particularly pronounced for consumers earning $45,000 or less, with McDonald’s now aiming to bolster affordability with cheaper menu options in the $1-3 range. Following the public disclosure of these concerns, McDonald’s shares experienced a nearly four percent decline.

McDonalds could be a luxury for the unfortunate in the near future 

An X user complained that the prices are insane now, especially for California. They state that at $18 for a Big Mac, it is insane. However, conservative states like Texas, the prices are still relatively affordable at $10. For the most part, many are blaming Biden’s economic skills for the rapid inflation that is going on. 

Following that, conservatives fear that the prices may double if he is re-elected. Now, imagine paying over $30 for a Big Mac. Conservatives aren’t entirely blaming McDonalds as at the end of the day, they are a private business. They would have to calculate the costs and profitability of their business. 

Regardless, one factor that is not entirely discussed is the pandemic’s effects on inflation. Things are seemingly bad as we are still trying to recover from the shutdown of the economy in 2020. To top it off, the conflicts that are going on in the world may also play a factor to this. 

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