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The topic of illegal immigrants entering the United States is the current topic most Americans are upset about, whether they’re liberals or conservatives. Joe Biden is seemingly having a hard time to fix up his reputation with the elections coming up this year. Furthermore, him blaming Trump for this crisis is not fooling anyone. 

According to the BBC, the border crisis escalated under Biden’s administration, drawing criticism from all sides as migrant arrivals hit record highs. Polls show widespread disapproval of Biden’s handling of the issue, while Trump condemns bipartisan efforts as inadequate. 

Furthermore, Democrat mayors express frustration over influx, adding to political pressure. Over 6.3 million migrants detained under Biden, surpassing numbers under previous administrations. 

Experts cite various factors, including global migration trends and policy shifts from Trump to Biden, contributing to the surge. Lack of immigration reform exacerbates the situation, with bipartisan bills facing challenges in Congress. Analysis reveals complex dynamics driving unprecedented levels of migration to the US-Mexico border.

Illegal immigrants rapidly increasing in the United States 

GOP supporters are saying that there are more illegals born in the United States than actual American people. Following that, they are blaming the Democrats for allowing this to happen by voting for Biden. Conservatives believe that this is an agenda set by the Dems in order to win votes, which is a heavy accusation. 

In addition to this, many conservatives are using gen-z terminologies to describe Biden. Most of them are calling him a gaslighter, now, they are saying that he is projecting himself. They state that him blaming Trump for his own errors is clearly him projecting himself, and is not wanting to take accountability for his party’s actions. 

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