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Mayor Eric Adams is known as an unpopular figure among conservative Americans as he has been rather controversial these few years. Furthermore, as one of the leaders encouraging illegals to enter America, many dislike him for that as well. It seems that conservatives are finding him ironic as he can’t even properly handle the illegals in New York. 

According to Fox News, recently, former NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa criticized Mayor Eric Adams for mishandling the illegal migrant crisis, attributing the recent attack on two officers in Times Square to Adams’ approach to policing. 

Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, called the migrants involved “untouchables” and accused Adams of inviting them into the city, exacerbating the situation. Despite video evidence of the assault, some arrested migrants were released without bail, drawing ire from Sliwa, who emphasized the need for action. 

He also condemned Adams for depriving police of defensive gear, expressing concern for both tourists and officers. He urged citizens to stand against the prevailing madness.

Conservatives react to Mayor Eric Adams comparing himself to Jesus 

Conservatives feel that Mayor Eric Adams is using the race card in order to appear as he is doing a good job. However, most are blaming him for mishandling the illegal migrant crisis, where New York City is suffering from it. Furthermore, there are a number of issues that many are complaining about with regards to his way of handling the city. 

Others state that there is a name for people to openly label the races of people out loud. Conservatives seem to agree that this is such a peculiar thing to say, especially in the 2020s where equality is the main goal. However, it seems that separating people by race is one of the liberal agendas. 


Following that, conservatives find him calling Black people “chocolates” as something offensive. They state that if the Mayor starts calling White people Vanilla, that too would be racially offensive. 

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