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SINGAPORE: A man with low self-esteem took to social media, talking about his friend who earned five times more than he did.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote that his friend “has a house, a car, a job that pays 5x of my income”. “He’s not that kind that buys everything on loan, asset rich cash poor. Ive seen his bank account and he is rich rich. We hang out quite often and doesn’t show off his wealth in a snobbish manner”, the man wrote. However, the man added that he could not help but feel useless and inferior to his friend. “Everyone tell me to be content, aka to be satisfied with being mediocre, rather than encouraging me to be exceptional. Even my gf and some of her friends told me that they’ll chase my friend if he was single. He’s the ‘prime’ candidate and I’m what’s left. Recently my friend bought a 6 figure watch to treat himself. He was so excited about it. I can’t help but feel like a lesser human again”. The man added that he could barely afford his Built-To-Order flat downpayment while his friend was “wearing half my house on his wrist”.

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Netizens told him that the first step he should take is to reconsider his girlfriend. One said: “I personally have group of close friends who very much earn way more than I do. I am probably be the lowest earner among the group of it. But instead of being jealous of them I choose to be happy for them. Because everyone is fighting against different demons in their life. No one can ever be the same. Some just choose to keep to themselve. You would not know the effort they might have to put in to reach where they are. I’m just feeling blessed to have such people around me. As for your gf… You might wanna re-evaluate if she’s the right one for you. There are still girls out there who can eat porridge with you when times are bad. But we cannot tahan 1 who sulks but not making an effort to be better”.

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Another person commented: “Rather than feeling inferior, ask yourself whether you would put in as much effort as your friend in making that much money. If you are only chasing dreams without the effort, then just be contented with what you have now. Also, your gf is being very insensitive and disrespectful in saying she would chase your friend if he was single. If she was joking, ok, fine. If she was being serious, ask yourself whether you want to be with a materialistic woman for the rest of your life”.

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