SINGAPORE: A man took to social media asking netizens for advice on the state of his marriage after his wife said that she was ashamed of him.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the man wrote that he was married to a woman with a Master’s degree. They had been married for four years and had a child, but his wife told him she was ashamed of him. The woman complained that her husband was not a degree holder and could not play musical instruments.

“The fact that I make close to 3 times more than her didn’t help. We haven’t had any forms of intimacy for months and I have noticed that she is very particular about her appearance and also she has been coming home late at times. At these signs of her having an affair now?” he asked in his post.

Netizens who commented on the man’s post said that it seemed rather obvious that his wife was having an affair.

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One said: “I suggest you start playing your cards right. Protect yourself, your assets, most importantly, your child. Find a lawyer asap and maybe a P.I. Don’t sign any big money contracts for the time being especially properties. Once you have your defense up, then you try to save your marriage. If you approach the situation properly, you’ll save a lot of time, money and pain”.

Another netizen commented: “Calculate your losses, prepare for exit plan if needed. Gather enough evidences to safe guard yourself if things goes south. At the same time try to work things out. Best to save the marriage but if you cant save the sinking ship, save yourself first”.

Earlier this year, one wife who found out that her husband was cheating on her still pretended to be completely fine with it on social media. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, a friend of the wife took to social media to post about how they were confused by the wife’s “half-actions”.

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“Throughout the years, my friend (the wife) has periodically found bits and pieces of his external rs – always the same girl over the years. Typically, she would scream, throw things, slap him etc, only to calm down, Cold War for a few days and settle into nothing”, the netizen wrote.

They added that the wife’s Instagram page would still be filled with adoring posts about her husband and how happy their family is.

The netizen added that they were very curious about the wife’s denial and that if they were in that position, they would have found out more information and confronted the husband. “I don’t understand why the actions are so “halfway” – she checks his devices, but doesn’t implore further when she finds it suspicious; she kicks up a huge fuss, only to just simmer down into nothing”, the netizen wrote. They added that the wife was financially independent and not ugly looking either, and wanted to know what she was thinking.

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