SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media saying that one of her best friends admitted to being a serial thief and asked what she should do.

“I’ve known her for just over a year – the kind of girl who is attractive, draws stares from guys and very fashionable. On top of that, she is a very good friend – the kind who will stay up and chat with you when you’re feeling down, or makes you little trinkets and just someone who is always there for you”, she wrote. She explained that once when the group was drinking together, her friend admitted to being a thief. The group was shocked as the friend was from a well-to-do family background.

“She proceeds to tell us in detail how she commits all these and how it’s impossible for her to get caught…and till now the stuff she stole is over 50k – multiple small thefts that added up over time. The way she described her MO was simply unbelievable…yet at the same, if you ever saw her, just because she is the last person you think to commit theft makes it all the more believable”, the woman added. Some speculated that the friend got the idea from a show and imagined herself to be a thief as nothing was spoken about it afterwards.

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While the woman said she wanted to help her friend, she did not want to lose the friendship as the thief could easily go to jail if the truth came out. She asked others for advice on what she should do.