A forty-eight year old male who threw feces at his ex-girlfriend in September 2017 received a jail sentence of two years and two months on Monday, May 14, 2018. 

According to The New Paper, the unnamed man pleaded guilty criminal intimidation, mischief, using criminal force, assault theft and harassment. The court has also legally forbidden the man from naming his ex-girlfriend, a 28-year-old food stall worker, for her own protection.

The man and woman were in a relationship last year and were living together, even though the man was still married. They were co-workers at a chicken stall in Bedok, and they got into a fight at work on August 15, 2017. When the woman threatened to leave, the man threatened her with a chopping knife.

The frightened woman quit her job that day, and on the following day, her brother filed a police report against the man. By the next month she moved out of their home, and eventually broke off with him via a phone conversation. She later ended up working in an eatery at ION Orchard shopping center.

On September 26, 2017, the man appeared at her new place of work. At a moment when her back was turned to him, he threw the contents of a bag at her. As it turned out, he was experiencing diarrhea that day, and what he threw at her was his own watery stool, which hit her arm, as well as the face of one of her co-workers.

Since the stool not only affected the food in the woman’s place of work but also an adjoining eatery, both establishments had to throw out all their food and close operations for the rest of the day, causing the eateries to lose more than $5000 in income.

Some weeks later, on November 11, the man again harassed the woman, this time at a bus stop. He pushed her against a wall, pulled her nose, bit her on the face, scratched her neck, and punched her, before running away.

On November 15 he was at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Chinatown, where he stole approximately $20.

It is not the first time that this man has been sent to prison. He was released in 2016, having been jailed for seven years on offenses that are property related.