SINGAPORE: Seeking guidance from his fellow Singaporeans over a dilemma he’s facing, a netizen has revealed his desire to pursue a relationship with a girl from China whom he recently met but confessed that “concerns about how other Singaporeans would perceive their relationship” have been a barrier for him.

“She’s 100% legit the type of girl who I’m looking for. Even some of my international friends have met her and they do approve of her,” the man wrote on r/askSingapore on Thursday (Feb 29).

Describing the Chinese girl, he highlighted her as a “100% green flag,” devoid of materialism or selfishness, unlike some Singaporean girls he knew who embodied a “daddy’s little princess” mindset.

Additionally, he praised her for being sweet, kind, hardworking, and able to balance productivity and enjoying life.

“She’s actually fun to be around with,” remarked the man.

He added that his sole concern is that Singaporeans may “start judging both the girl for where she comes from and not who she is, along with myself for who I am dating given the general bad reputation associated with the mainland Chinese…”

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“If she’s a 100% green flag, I wouldn’t worry about what other people will say”

In the comments section, Singaporean Redditors urged him to take a chance, pursue the girl, and disregard what others might say about their relationship in the comments.

One Redditor said, “If she’s a 100% green flag, I wouldn’t worry about what other people will say. Time will be your proof.”

Another Redditor commented, “Why do you care about what other people think? If she makes you happy and you think she’s a catch, go for it, man.”

They added, “I know one of my close friends who also dated a girl who’s from China. Dating about 2 years, I think. Getting married at the end of this year in China itself. Super happy and excited for him.”

Meanwhile, other Redditors chastised the man for allowing other people’s perceptions of the girl to cloud his judgment, urging him to prioritize his feelings and connection rather than worrying about external opinions. 

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They emphasized the importance of authenticity and sincerity in relationships, advising him to focus on what truly makes him happy rather than conforming to societal expectations.

One Redditor added, “If you’re still dating for other people’s validation, you’re not ready for a relationship.”

In similar news, a man also took to social media last month to ask Singaporeans if he should keep dating a beautiful and rich Chinese girl who has her own apartment in Shanghai and works at ByteDance, as his family thinks she’s only after citizenship.

“Due to the toxicity of my friends and family, I don’t know if I should continue this rs. They have this idea that she is dating me for immigration into SG and she is a gold digger etc,” the man shared on an online forum.

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