SINGAPORE: A man who has known a woman for only a few weeks yet ended up paying for everything wondered if it would be rude to start distancing himself from her.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the man wrote that since he met the woman a few weeks earlier, they had been going out frequently and spending quite a bit of time together. He wrote: “Each and every outing consists of me paying the bill for her shopping sprees, albeit inexpensive. (less than $1,000 in total). She never once offered to go dutch, and I never brought up the subject. Recently I had the chance for a sleepover at a budget hotel and nothing happened as she candidly expressed disinterest.”.

He asked netizens for advice and wanted to know if it would be rude of him to stop paying for the woman’s expenses and distance himself from her.

Netizens who commented said the man ignored all of the woman’s red flags. One wrote: “Congratz, being certified a simp for ignoring all the red flags, for she just using you as a placeholder with no commitment”.

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Another netizen said: “Girls these days want mobile ATM, conti car, even your postal code makes a difference. If she reciprocate by returning you the “favour” then good for you it’s a transaction, if not, u r as good as getting scammed”.

In 2021, in a story of a winding road leading to bad decisions, a man said he lost control of himself because of his sugar baby’s seduction. In a Facebook post to anonymous confessions platform NUSWhispers, one man wrote that he was an NUS alumni who graduated 10 years ago. He added that because he earned about S$20,000 a month by working at a multinational corporation and doing a side business, he could afford a condominium and about S$1 million in savings.

He wrote that after hiring a sugar baby who was a student from NUS, he lost “control of myself in decision making” because of her seduction.

The man added that she made him transfer the ownership of his condominium, along with almost all of his savings, to her. “I was stupid enough comply with her. Furthermore, every month I continued to give her 10k allowances”, he wrote. Asking netizens for advice, he wrote that he regrets the entire process as he was left with almost nothing.