SINGAPORE: Experiencing intense emotional distress due to his financial struggles and recent breakup, a man sought solace and guidance on social media.

“I borrowed some money from the bank, but I can’t afford to make the required payments. I have less than 100k left to pay off an 800k loan, and it’s causing me a lot of stress,” the man shared on NUSWhispers on Sunday (March 31).

“On top of that, my girlfriend broke up with me because she was tired of her parents asking about my financial situation. She said we weren’t compatible anymore after being together for a long time. I told her not to expect me to take her back because she left me when I needed her the most.”

Detailing his financial difficulties, he mentioned the looming possibility of bankruptcy if he couldn’t find a way to make enough money to pay off his loan.

Additionally, he had to sell his most profitable business among the three he owned recently. Regrettably, the proceeds from this sale fell short of covering his monthly loan payments.

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Although he managed to secure a job, the heavy workload and insufficient pay only contributed to his stress.

“I’m really struggling and tired, and I don’t know how to get through this situation. I know I can’t promise a secure future to my girlfriend, so I decided to let her go. I’m looking for any advice or ideas on how to deal with all of this.”

“A partner who can quit on you when you need her most is not worth keeping anyway”

In the comments section, a few people told the man that perhaps his girlfriend leaving his life was a blessing in disguise because now he knows her true colours and avoided someone who wasn’t good as a partner.

One individual said, “I am sorry about your predicament. You did right to let her go. A partner who can quit on you when you need her most is not worth keeping anyway.”

While another commented, “You are truly going true a terrible situation and the add further insult and injury i believe you have discovered a painful truth about your gf which is she is only in for the money not you.”

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As for his financial problems, many told him that he could try declaring bankruptcy.

One individual said, “It’s okay to be bankrupted. From another perspective – The government gave you a shelter, no more creditors will haunt you, and it shall give you peace and a clear mind to plan and restart your life for the better good.”

Another agreed and commented, “Declare bankrupt is in fact the easiest path of least resistance. Do it and move on.”

Other individuals offered alternative options, advising the man to initiate a conversation with his bank about possibly restructuring his loan.

By discussing his current financial constraints, he might be able to negotiate a more manageable repayment plan that suits his current income level.

A few also suggested that he consider seeking financial counselling or consulting a financial advisor to explore strategies for managing his debts.

In similar news, a man took to social media to share that he had lost most of his money in the stock market and cryptocurrency last year and ended up owing the banks over S$60,000 on credit cards and personal loans.

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