SINGAPORE: Another man took to social media to share his success story. In his late 20s, the man said he made S$500,000 (about S$41K/month) the year before. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said, “While I have no idea what % am I in Singapore, I think it should be fairly decent with this level of income per year for me. I am happily attached and I have recently proposed to my beautiful gf”.

He referred to himself as more than just an ordinary guy but continued that he grew up in a below-average-income household. “I used to get as many bursaries as I could just to get that little additional money. I went to neighborhood schools from Primary 1 to Secondary 5. My results weren’t amazing either, but I’ve always been slightly below average on bad days and above average on good days”, the man wrote. Going to Malaysia was considered a luxury holiday for him, he said.

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“No one knows how much money I make, especially my parents because otherwise they will be asking me for money non-stop. I grew up in a traditional family and they always believed that their kid should be “filial” and give them money. However, I have always believed that tradition as such is the reason why many people are stuck in the endless loop of being poor. I make my money mostly through trading, my yearly income from my salaried job is only $100K a year and my $400K comes from trading/business”, the man wrote. He added that he had a graduate degree and was going to try to get a Master’s degree next.

In his post, the man’s advice to others was for them to just enjoy life as “it’s all about the experience at the end of the day. Mistakes are made, and life goes on. Nothing will matter as long as you’re experiencing it. If you’re sad or angry, you’re just putting your emotions before anything else”. He said that money mattered, whether big or small. In the comments section, netizens were rather skeptical.

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