Kuala Lumpur—The remains of a murdered Malaysian husband a wife were found in two suitcases earlier this week, according to local police.

The wife’s body, which was found first, was discovered by telecommunication company workers who were working with underground cables in Shah Alam, Selangor, at approximately 5:30 am on August 26, Monday.

The workers made the shocking discovery of the remains of  52-year-old Tan Siew Mee, due to the smell emanating from a dark brown suitcase that had been thrown into a drain.

There was also blood nearby, said the workers who found the bag.

They saw a body inside, with its head wrapped in a black plastic bag, and quickly reported the matter to the police.

Ms Tan’s remains were identified on the basis of a fingerprint scan.

Ms Tan, who was from Pokok Sena, Kedah and who had been employed as the manager of a restaurant in a mall at Subang Jaya, died of blood loss due to stab wounds. She had been stabbed 13 times in her stomach and chest.

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“The post-mortem report found 13 stab wounds on the chest and stomach of the woman apart from a slash wound on her neck, believed to be due to a sharp weapon. The cause of death was due to multiple stab wounds to the abdomen and she was believed to have died more than 72 hours ago when her body was found on Monday.

To date, the body of the victim is still at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang and has not been claimed, ” said Shah Alam OCPD Asst Comm Baharudin Mat Taib.

A missing person’s report had been filed with the police on Saturday, August 24, by one of Ms Tan’s friends.

At this point, her husband Lim Ah Kee (also known as Lim Kok Hoe) was also missing. Mr Lim was 79 years old and unemployed.

Two individuals believed to be connected to Ms Tan’s death were arrested after her body was discovered. The suspects then led police to the location of Mr Lim’s remains, which were also found inside a luggage bag which was thrown away in Shah Alam.

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“The suspects, who were arrested in Kota Kemuning, are foreigners and believed to have been Lim’s house tenants.

“They led the investigating team to a drain near the Alam Megah LRT station at 5pm today. They pinpointed the location of the luggage bag.

The suspects confessed that they had (assaulted the two victims before) throwing away their weapons.

We are in the midst of locating (the weapons) and gathering other crucial evidence,”  said APC Baharudin Mat Taib.

A childless couple, Ms Tan and Mr Lim were sometimes also known as Emily and William. -/TISG