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Mahathir: Malaysians are no longer afraid and are free to criticise




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Assessing the performance of the Pakatan Harapan government after its one year stint in power, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says all quarters were no longer afraid.

“Instead people are free to criticise the government.”

He says after the Pakatan took over the country’s administration the government is called inefficient but it is actually more efficient than the previous regime headed by fallen PM Razak.

He says the government is working towards the eradication of corruption which spark further in the country and the people will be able to live a better life.

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Dr Mahathir spoke at the open house held at the MBI Desaku Hall attended by 20,000 people, says .

In the past weeks, both Dr Mahathir and Prime Minister to be, Anwar Ibrahim are on a mission to counter the opposition’s campaign that the Pakatan government is not efficient, is inexperienced and does not deserve to be in power.

Anwar is making rounds in universities and open houses to tell the people while he is not a Cabinet minister and do not have any official role in the government, he is still a Pakatan member.

As such, he says, he is the forbearer of information garnered from the corridors of power and he believes the country has seen a lot of changes since last year.

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Anwar says he is not a propagandist for the Pakatan regime but today people are free to attack the government whereas under Razak, the fallen PM, some top shot would call up students and lecturers who dare criticise the Barisan Nasional regime.

“They will come and call you up,” he says.

Anwar made similar speeches at several universities, answering tough questions from students and taking on criticism against him and the Pakatan regime.

He says the people ought to see the difference between the Barisan days and the Pakatan rule where people are now free to criticise and speak their minds.

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He says he himself was barred from entering Universities to speak to students but now he is able to do so after some students asked him why is the Pakatan Harapan not using the local broadcasting channels such as the government controlled Radio Television Malaysia to explain the government’s narrative.Follow us on Media

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