A local influencer and actress in Malaysia has gotten creative in ensuring that she’s personally protected from getting infected during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Betty Rahmad, who has over 700,000 followers, and who usually posts about fashion, food and travelling, has been sharing a series of posts of herself doing grocery shopping in her dinosaur costume.

In the first post from Tuesday (Mar 24), she can clearly be seen inside the costume, wearing a face mask for additional protection. She captioned the short clip with, “MummyDino on a mission? #covid_19 #covid_19mademedothis #socialdistancing #stayhome.”


In the next video clip she can be seen unloading her grocery cart, and laughter can be heard in the background. And while she was sad that she could not buy “ginger, turmeric, onion, milk,” she was happy because she made people smile and cheer, “Especially the supermarket brother / sister who is willing to work.”

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And since it was her birthday, making people smile also made her happy.

She added that she would have to go shopping again the following day to buy the items that were missing—and that people would see the dinosaur shopping again.

“Even though, I am sad that vegetables, ginger, turmeric, onions, milk and everything else has been swiped clean but I’m happy because I believe I made many smile and be entertained today, on my birthday. Especially those that are willing to come into work at the supermarket.

“So it looks like tomorrow I’d have to go to another supermarket to find the things I didn’t get today. You won’t be surprised to see a dinosaur shopping again tomorrow. Gosh, why did all of you have to panic buy?” she wrote.

Her next post shows her celebrating her birthday with her husband and their little son.


In the next one, a 3-minute video, Ms Rahmad shows the painstaking process of putting on the costume she is already fully dressed, plus gloves, mask, and cap. She then shows herself driving to the grocery and then doing her shopping, driving home, and then having to remove the costume and disinfect it before she can enter her home again.

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From her caption, it seems she enjoyed being “Mummy Dino” even before the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Her final post in her Mummy Dino series was captured by “Witnesses” who “were there last night,” most likely one of her friends who had accompanied her, or a bemused bystander gawking at the sad dinosaur who could find no onions.


According to The Rakyat Post, the dinosaur was seen doing grocery shopping at Damansana Perdana at Petaling Jaya on day 6 of Malaysia’s MCO (Movement Control Order). It also identifies Ms Rahmad as a local actress.

Ms Rahmad’s posts have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, with netizens evidently enjoying her antics as much as she seemed to enjoy them herself. -/TISG

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