A maid took to social media wanting to know if she should be paid for the extra Sunday she worked when her employers were overseas. In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid asked if it was fair for her employer to not fully compensate her for the days she worked.

In her post on Thursday (Dec 1), which has since been taken down, the maid wrote that she had an agreement with her employer for a yearly vacation. Without specifying if the vacation was for her or for her employer, the helper wrote: “That supposed to be this December but she said can’t because of some reason, so she said since we’re going to India to celebrate Diwali for one month”.

Her employer told her that she would have a month’s full pay. After the maid returned from her vacation, she was informed by her employers that they needed to stay in India for another week. The helper then stayed at her sister’s house in Singapore. After three days, the maid went back to her employer’s home “cause I hve a key and do cleaning to make it ready so when they come back that is Sunday I didn’t take my off cause they (her employers) come”.

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She then messaged her employers asking for her salary that was due, and said that she also wanted to be paid for the work she did on Sunday while waiting for her employers to return home. The helper then wrote that her employer replied: “oh I didn’t expect you to take a payment for Sunday because u know a relationship like us is give and take,u taken lot of days already”.

The helper then asked if her employer is saying this was okay. Netizens who commented on the post said that the helper was being petty and should compromise.

Here’s what they said: