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Maid asks how she could have family time when she has no phone in the day and ends work at 10pm

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"So what time contact with family" she asked

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper took to social media asking for sympathy towards maids.

She said that most employers want helpers who are good and hardworking. They have many requirements for their helpers to follow, but they should also know their helpers’ requirements, she wrote in an anonymous post. The maid wrote that she was not allowed to use her phone during work hours. However, she added that she would only finish her work around 10 pm or 11 pm.

“So what time contact with family” she asked. The woman added that all helpers know their duties and asked for sympathy towards maids as they too are human beings, she said.

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Here’s what netizens who commented on the post added:

Earlier this year, a maid who was supposed to bring an elderly man out for a wheelchair stroll seemed to have just left him aside while she played with her phone.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook page, a netizen who lived in the same HDB block shared a photo. The man wrote that the incident happened at Block 421 in Hougang. He wrote: “I’m new in Singapore, I don’t know is this common or is this the SOP of bringing elderly down for a walk or fresh air here. I don’t know whose maid is this, I don’t know whose elderly is this”.

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He continued: “But this is definitely not the first time I’m seeing this. It hurts me if this is happening to my elderly”. He said that the maid would bring the elderly man to the same spot and she would do the same thing as well. Same scenery the uncle is seeing, the bicycles. If this is your elderly, this is your maid, I strongly suggest you to stop hiring this maid”, the man wrote.

Maid takes elderly man out for wheelchair stroll daily, but leaves him unattended to scroll her phone instead

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