After MP Tin Pei Ling posted about her visit to MacPherson SMC on Facebook on Friday, residents responded by praising her work and adding encouraging stickers in the comments section.

Ms Tin, who at 36 is the youngest MP in Parliament, included photographs of residents she visited. She noted the generally positive feedback on the constituency’s Home Improvement Programme, for which she and her team had lobbied.[0]=68.ARA07pcDk1VOpfq8tRmNShwVibgEXmnec4HvvlCOeKtqAHZzQsux65ngwiYPS8UCu4Iv7QKqaqZFLW7BYku2CurTO4WmN4WGNlfpp8YvuESMDHRzfWl55lvmKZ0rjgUi8BEzmrLZsh08b2crBIKqUNQ4KfsHen5NgKWnkykYmiksP0Ek-0U9tY4Uu9ZjROKlBrFw7mVPJiwfzj8SDBbf2lUJKp15T8oJnmXAFX2r8NZbTAc9tPLTrjzctGBBn–pvF9ZZilfes_zDYjGZrur-A4pp5eZJRw9ksCgHq_9Qd9Ryl0sg7cfmEmdNTFPoVrswlVQVEx4ayXCA1eXntH5j9ZuyQ&__tn__=-R

In January 2017, after hearing the concerns of MacPherson residents over age-related issues with their flats, Ms Tin had issued a call for ideas to ensure the maintenance and longevity of Housing and Development Board flats. In that post, she cited a 2016 incident in which a portion of a board had fallen off Block 51 in Circuit Road. After bringing her concern to Parliament and calling for more frequent checks to be conducted, she noted that the HDB had agreed to do more such checks.

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Fast-forward to 2020, Ms Tin shared her joy over the satisfaction of MacPherson residents. “One senior couple told me that they would not have done any renovation on their own but with the subsidies (they pay about 10% of the cost), they decided to do it,” she wrote. “They are most pleased with the upgraded toilet and grab bars. It’s so much safer for them now.”

Ms Tin also expressed her delight over how much young residents have grown during her term as MP. “I (met) young residents who were kids half my height but (are) now taller than me!” she said.

In the comments section of her post, there was a sea of encouraging stickers acknowledging the work of the MP. One resident, however, commended her about something everyone else seemed to miss — her yellow pedicure.

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook / Tin Pei Ling