To sidestep an executive order from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, migrant buses have found a “loophole” and have been stopping at train stations in towns like Secaucus.

The order in question mandates bus operators to give at least 32 hours advance notice of arrivals and restricts drop-off times.


Gonnelli revealed that authorities were alerted by Hudson County officials about buses arriving at Secaucus Junction, with four buses believed to have dropped off migrants who then continued their journey to New York City by train.

Describing the tactic as a “loophole,” Gonnelli indicated that this pattern is occurring at train stations across the state, as reported by state police.

Jersey City’s emergency management agency took to social media, sharing that around 10 migrant buses from various locations, including Texas and Louisiana, arrived at transit stations such as Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton.

Tyler Jones, a spokesperson for New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, acknowledged the state’s role as a transit point for migrants heading to New York City.

He emphasized close coordination with federal and local officials to manage the situation effectively.

NY executive order

In response, a spokesperson from New York City’s City Hall defended the executive order, portraying it as part of a broader effort to address the national humanitarian crisis.

Political pawns?

The spokesperson accused the Texas governor of treating asylum seekers as “political pawns” and criticized the practice of dropping off families in surrounding areas, providing them with train tickets to reach New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams has been urging increased federal help and coordination with Texas to manage the influx of asylum-seekers arriving by bus and plane.

The mayor is seeking additional funds, work authorizations, and a schedule for migrant arrivals, highlighting the challenges confronting cities in providing methodical assistance to ensure the safety of refugees.

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