Singapore — There were long queues in the supermarkets on Friday (April 3) even before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on Facebook that he would be speaking at 4 pm on the Covid-19 situation.

He had posted on Facebook that “the current situation is under control, but we want to take a few more steps now”. He had added: “Let me reassure Singaporeans that our food supply is secure and adequate. Buy just what you need, and share any extra you have with those who need it.” He also called for calm and unity “during this challenging period”.

However, there were already long queues in supermarkets even before the Prime Minister’s Facebook post. This was also reported on

Referring to the influx of customers, NTUC FairPrice Group Chief Executive Seah Kian Peng commented on Facebook: “There is no need to rush to buy today or for that matter this weekend as ALL our stores will remain open come what may.”

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