Loh Pei Ying and Yudhishthra Nathan who testified at the Committee of Privileges and the investigations into former Sengkang GRC member of parliament Raeesah Khan have submitted their resignations as members of the Workers’ Party to the secretary-general, Pritam Singh.

Loh Pei Ying, a dedicated member of the Workers’ Party, served as the secretarial assistant to Khan from July 2020 until her resignation in November the prior year. She also held the position of secretarial assistant to the Leader of the Opposition from March 2013 to January 2016. Yudhishthra Nathan also lent significant support to the Loh Pei Ying Workers’ Party, having actively assisted the former Sengkang MP.

In a Facebook post published by the duo, they said that they have not been actively contributing to any party volunteer work, and only ‘remained members in name since December 2021.’

“For this reason, we’ve decided to resign. These past 11 months haven’t been easy for us and we feel it’s come to a point where it’s time for us to move on from being members of the Workers’ Party. We want to return to being regular citizens, free to express ourselves as individuals, without others questioning our loyalties and allegiances,” said Loh Pei Ying and Yudhishthra Nathan.

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The pair have been with the party for at least nine years and have been cadres since 2016, and have also actively contributed to various teams and departments; both in grassroots and strategic areas.

“One of the highlights is definitely our work towards the Walking with Singapore: The Workers’ Party 60th Anniversary book; a chapter of Singapore’s history we felt important to tell,’ added the former Workers’ Party members Loh Pei Ying and Yudhishthra Nathan

The two said that they hold their memories of the party with fondness and have made lifelong friends with each other, and others along the way.

“There are many good people in the rank and file of the Workers’ Party who’ve dedicated their lives towards building a better Singapore. We hope they remember to keep the welfare of Singaporeans at the center of all that they do.”

Yudhishthra Nathan was previously featured on the party’s website, ‘People of WP’, as he shared his aspirations for Singapore and how he hopes to contribute to the nation.

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