Mediacorp released a short video-clip of a little boy talking to President Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife Mrs Mary Tan as a lead-up to the President’s Star Charity 2016. The charity fundraiser was aired over Mediacorp channels last night (23 Oct), and successfully raised $7.37 million for beneficiaries in need.

The video clip has now gone viral with over 9,000 shares. What most people who commented on the video found amusing was, the boy did not recognise who the President was or what he has done.

Mrs Tan asked the boy if he had met the President. When he said ‘no’, she cued him “if you look closely…”, with a hand gesture pointing at President Tan. Dr Tan gave further cues and asked him, “do you see any resemblance?”, before the boy claimed that he now recognised the President.

But the boy who recognised the President, could not remember what he had done. The boy said that he heard the ‘President’ fainted during the ‘National Day Parade’ after talking so much. It was however not the President, but the Prime Minister who had fainted, and not at the National Day Parade but at the National Day Rally Speech.

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Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was amused by the little boy. Linking the video to his Facebook he said, “One of the fun things about chatting with young children is that you never quite know what they are going to say.”

Facebook user who commented on the video also found it hilarious. User Benjamin Lee said “I was so waiting for the KFC joke to be dropped on him..oh wells.’

Others thought that it was indicative of how the President was inactive.

“I think its sad to know our kids don’t recognise our president.” Flo Lukshumayeh.

“It juz show tat our president is just a puppet behind the scene.” Hafiz Black

Yet others like Steven Yew thought the boy should not be faulted as he was very young.

“At this age, the boy were just simply a kid. It’s not like they don’t know. It’s just that they can’t remember because their mind were too occupied with childhoods. Come on people no need to get too serious it’s a kid’s mind in there, don’t kill it.”

What’s glaring though is that the website for the President’s Star Charity 2016 seems unupdated. The website rightly points out that the fundraiser ends on 31 October 2016, but said that it target was $100,000 and that they had only collected $12,420 of this target amount.