Lifestyle LGBT Activists, stop your hooliganism!

LGBT Activists, stop your hooliganism!




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By Amanda Lee

The anus has a specific function to excrete waste but there are those who prefer to stuff their body parts in it. It is a shame. It is not natural and it is not God’s will that we should behave in such animalistic ways.

One Prof Thio Li-Ann stood up for these values. But alas, she was bullied and vindicated by a bunch of minorities who are shoving their perverse values down our throats.

This is simply wrong and it was very disruptive. I applaud Prof Thio for standing her grounds and not succumbing to these bullying tactics.

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If gays prefer to put their god given organs into smelly outlets that are meant for excreting waste – it is their choice. They have no place in heaven for sure and they have no place in our everyday lives.

Gay and Lesbians try to mimic our mainstream culture through same sex unions. It is a sham marriage and it is a lifestyle choice at its best. It is not a natural order. The western countries have succumbed to materialism and capitalism that supports gay lifestyle and way of life. But in Singapore, we are Asians. We have our own values and culture. I do not want these values to be eroded by gays or lesbians.

Please do what you do best in the confines of your bedroom. Do not bring them out to public spaces and toilets. Get a grip on your urges and try to repent and seek God if you can.

This is a user contributed article and does not represent the views of TISG. 

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