The following is a letter by Joe Low, one of our readers.

To all who subscribe to Singtel broadband or have next-of-kins or friends subscribing, please take a close look at your bill now and warn all of them.

Since April 2016, Singtel automatically charge an extra $9.34 a month and with GST, a good $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year on each subscribing broadband account for a 10 GB Store and Share (Fibre Plan) feature. Imagine if you have more than 1 broadband account, for home, business, etc, then the costs multiplied.

First and foremost, I did not ask for this extra feature and it was automatically added without my consent. Luckily I just changed my mobile plan to SIM only plan so I took a serious look at my bill as that helped me cut down my bill by nearly 65%, then I spotted this extra $9.34 on my broadband account.

Call up Singtel and tell them off and they will waive off your few months of charges for this 10 GB Store and Share bill.

There are hundreds of websites offering free storage space. Google Drive have a free storage size of 15 GB. ADrive give 50GB free. Onedrive give 15 GB free. Copy give 15 GB free. etc.

Why is Singtel allowed to use such a way to book extra revenue?