Singapore—News that Malaysia had imposed a lockdown in order to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus broke on Monday evening (March 16), prompting concerns from Singaporeans over the country’s food supply.

The country’s Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing was quick to comment over social media concerning the lockdown, to prevent any unnecessary panic. And it seems that netizens are hearing his message loud and clear.

Mr Chan wrote in a now-viral post that has been shared over 13,000 times that the Government has been at work to raise Singapore’s stock of food supplies, and he reassured the country that “This means that we are not in danger of running out of food or other supplies brought in by our retailers.”

Netizens were quick to respond.

Mr Chan also discussed local production capabilities to address the need for infant formula, noodles, and canned goods, and that should there be a need to increase production this can easily be done. The country also has more sources, even from as far as Spain and Australia, for staples such as eggs.

Furthermore, he asked people not to panic-buy and stockpile on food supplies, “Although we are not facing any shortages, I urge everyone to continue to purchase in a responsible manner and to purchase only what you need. Otherwise, no amount of stockpiling will be sufficient.”

Mr Chan also had reassurance for companies with Malaysian employees who go home every day, and added that authorities would continue to coordinate with the Malaysian Government “as the situation evolves.”

Apparently the message of the Trade and Industry Minister, who last month received flack from netizens for not mincing words for people who participated in panic buying, got through.

Many people commented thanking him him for issuing the reassuring update in such a quick manner and called for Singaporeans to stand united at this time.

Others urged him to broadcast the message so that people would not resort to panic buying.

Some commenters offered up suggestions that would help enhance Singapore’s food security.


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