International Asia Let's 'Hear U Out': Felicia Chin spills tea on relationship with Jeffrey...

Let’s ‘Hear U Out’: Felicia Chin spills tea on relationship with Jeffrey Xu

They hope to get married in a year or two




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SINGAPORE – A lot goes on when you’re in a long-term relationship. In the second part of Felicia Chin’s appearance on Quan Yi Fong’s ‘Hear U Out’ episode, she spills some tea about her relationship with actor Jeffrey Xu.

Actors Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu have been dating for five years now.

Show host Quan asked Chin to share what she adores about Xu. She replied: “He’s very simple. Of course, there are times when he’s not simple. He knows what he wants but his heart is very innocent.”

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@jeffrey_xu)

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In response to that, Quan asked if they have marriage plans in mind. Chin shared that they’ve yet to make any plans but are hoping to dive into it in the next year or two.

The actress then opened up about how they’re working towards understanding each other better and working through some of the problems they’re facing such as communication.

(After all, communication is key to a healthy and sustainable relationship/marriage.)

“We are increasingly more accepting of each other’s differences, ignorance, and vulnerabilities. As we both regard marriage as very important, we hope it will be a life-long commitment, that’s why we are spending a little more time on it,” Chin said.

Funnily enough, the actress couldn’t recall how their relationship went public. However, she jokingly suggested that it could be Xu’s doing.

She also revealed how they started talking more after she praised (and encouraged) his acting career. It was in 2015 when the couple first acted together in a TV series Life-Fear Not where Xu acted as one of the boyfriends of Chin’s character.

Yes, the actress confirmed that she didn’t see him that way (as a real-life boyfriend) at the time and her compliment to him was purely professional.

Eventually, Chin shared an adorable incident that brought them closer to one another as she explained:

“One day, it was raining heavily during one of my afternoon shoots so we couldn’t shoot. An image suddenly appeared in my head. It had an Eiffel Tower and the both of us were happily taking pictures. I wondered why as I never pictured such an image before. I had the inclination to call him and the moment he picked up, he said, ‘You know, I’m at Tanglin Mall. I closed my eyes, and this image appeared in my mind. I saw us in front of the Eiffel Tower, we were very happy, taking pictures and drinking coffee.’ I had not told him about my vision. So I replied, ‘Huh, how could this be? I just had the same image in my head a few minutes ago.’ We just laughed it off.”

Now, isn’t that a big coincidence? If that’s not fate, what is? Of course, there’s more to Chin and Xu’s love story.

Check out the rest of the episode here:

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