Leon Jay Williams, a 46-year-old Singaporean actor, singer, and model, guested in an episode of Hear U Out hosted by Quan Yi Fong. In the talk show, he shared his experience from being known as a model to becoming an actor in an idol drama. 

The actor started his acting career in Taiwan and mainland China. In his early years in the industry, he mainly had roles in idol dramas. Williams mentioned that he was not fond of watching his own works and often said that he acted poorly – half of the time he did not know what he was acting in and had to memorize all the lines instead to convey the character needed.

When asked how he got selected to play roles in Chinese idol dramas even though he was not good at Chinese, he simply stated that he was a lucky guy. More so, his experience as a model before venturing into drama has helped him look natural and confident in front of the camera. 

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Ironically, he revealed that he is shy in nature. His mother needed the help of his brother to introduce him to modelling training classes to develop his self-confidence back then. “I never thought I looked special, maybe it was because of my mother’s education. At home, she never said ‘you and your brother are both handsome’, she would not say that,” the actor mentioned when asked if modelling starts with having a pretty face. 

He admitted that in all of his endeavours in his career, his mother played an important role in supporting and reassuring him that all of his efforts were to make other people’s lives better. He expressed that his mother raised him and her brother alone. By modelling and earning, he would somehow bring relief to his mother’s financial pressure. 

In the years of his acting career, Leon Jay Williams is fortunate to have his mother’s unconditional support. She even flew to Taiwan to be with him, and they lived together in different places for 6 months. He said that ever since childhood, he already had a good relationship with his mother, and he made sure that he will provide her with a greater life.

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The 46-year-old said that as long as he has loved ones by his side, he can survive facing the difficulties of his job. “Persevere, do your best, and be yourself. People around you will understand and support you, so please don’t give up,” he exclaimed.