On 23 Sep, Tan Wah Piow reported on a Talk given by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the at The Senate House of London University. The event was organised by IDEAS. His report was published in this publication (https://theindependent.sg.sg/mahathir-speaks).

Some commenters who commented on the article which was published both in The Independent Singapore as well as Malaysikini, unfairly criticised the writer.
1 2Tan responded to such unfair criticisms in his Facebook and said:

“They called me a rioter, a dropout, a Marxist mastermind, and the late Rajaratnam as Foreign Minister even called me an agent of MCP, MI6, KGB, CIA, and a host of terrorist organisations. And when none of these sticks, the regime’s last line of defence is that I absconded.
This is said by all recent Singapore High Commissioners to queries as to why Tan Wah Piow could not return.
Once again they wasted good taxpayers money to spread the same nonsense, keeping an eye on my writings.
The same attacks appear two days ago in The Independent SG and Malaysiakini following my article on Mahathir.
The truth is that the Lee Kuan Yew abused the National Service conscription, using it as an instrument of persecution against me. I was not stupid to step into his trap when he ordered the military to conscript me on the hour of my release from prison following the notorious frame-up charge manufactured by his then trade union crony Phey Yew Kok.
Who was breaking the law? Not me.”
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