In a lively exchange during a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Robert Garcia, D-Calif., couldn’t resist poking fun at former President Donald Trump’s reported suggestion of deploying alligators or an alligator-filled trench along the southern border to deter migrants.

Displaying a cartoon of alligators guarding the border, Garcia deadpanned his question to David Bier, Associate Director of Immigration Studies at the Cato Institute.

“Do you think it would be a good idea to build a water-filled trench filled with alligators along the border?” Garcia quipped.

Lawmakers and taxpayers’ money

Bier responded, dismissing the idea as a “misuse of taxpayer dollars and extremely inhumane.” He echoed sentiments shared by former Trump aides who revealed the unconventional proposal in private meetings. This proposal alongside suggestions of shooting migrants in the legs and electrifying the border wall with spikes.

Garcia didn’t stop there, bringing all these eyebrow-raising ideas to the forefront during the hearing, with Bier highlighting the cost and impracticality of each concept.

“That would be attempted murder,” Bier remarked about the notion of shooting migrants in the legs.

The controversy surrounding Trump’s unconventional border proposals continues, with the former president denying ever considering a border moat. Meanwhile, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott acknowledged his state’s efforts to secure the border. Still, he distanced himself from extreme measures, noting that law enforcement refrains from shooting migrants due to potential legal consequences.

Is Joe to blame?

The House Oversight Committee convened to address the ongoing border crisis and witnessed heated debates, with Republicans pointing fingers at President Joe Biden for the surge in border crossings and accusing him of “undermining” immigration law. As discussions unfold, the nation remains captivated by the outlandish suggestions and political tensions surrounding border security.

 Isn’t this like “political alligators” asking for the help of “real alligators” just to fend off migrants?

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