SINGAPORE: In response to concerns that mixed rice stalls at the Koufu food court at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) set prices arbitrarily, Koufu Group has clarified that it has adjusted prices and issued warnings to errant vendors.

The warnings come after a Singaporean shared on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page last month that he ate a mixed rice meal at the Koufu SGH outlet and was charged $8 for rice noodles, a side of green vegetables, a slice of egg and a side of fried beans.

Koufu acknowledged the incident and assured customers that they had undertaken a comprehensive review of the pricing structure at the Vegetarian Stall in the SGH food court. In a statement, the company clarified, “We have also issued a strict warning to the stall owner and staff, and strongly reiterated the importance of charging the correct pricing in accordance with the approved menu.”

The company apologized for the unpleasant incident and expressed its commitment to working closely with stall owners at SGH to provide value meal options for customers.

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This recent pricing controversy is not the first at the Koufu SGH outlet. Earlier, another diner reported being charged $8 at a Nasi Padang stall for a meal comprising rice, a portion of meat, and two portions of potatoes. The vendor’s perplexing response that “Hashbrowns are considered meat” added to the confusion surrounding the pricing practices at the food court.

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