SINGAPORE: A single mother found herself on the receiving end of a wave of compassion after losing her wallet during a family outing with her 18-month-old daughter on Tuesday night.

The wallet, containing more than $600, meant for rent and other essentials, left 30-year-old Vietnamese single mother Nguyen Thi Hai Yen in a precarious financial situation with a mere $8 left in her savings.

Nguyen lodged a police report and took to social media to spread the news about her lost wallet. She also used her last $8 to print five posters, hoping for a stroke of luck in finding her lost belongings.

In an interview with 8World, Nguyen shared the emotional rollercoaster she experienced in the aftermath of losing her wallet. However, the power of community and human kindness quickly came to her rescue. The news about her predicament garnered widespread attention online, prompting four generous individuals to extend a helping hand.

Remarkably, kindhearted souls collectively donated $1,300 to Nguyen, providing a crucial lifeline during her time of need. Among them was an anonymous benefactor who contributed a substantial $1,000 to the young mother, who said she was touched by the kindness and generosity of the anonymous donors.

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She also thanked her kind landlord, who had previously learned about her modest monthly salary. In an act of empathy, the landlord allowed her to delay rent payments.

The landlord’s generosity did not end there; upon discovering Nguyen’s wallet loss, they extended a helping hand by lending her $100, ensuring she could meet immediate necessities for herself and her baby.

The collective outpouring of support from the landlord and the anonymous donor resonated with Singaporeans online, with many expressing sympathy for Nguyen and admiration for the kind donors.

The kindness of those who gave to Nguyen serves as a poignant reminder of the positive impact that generosity can have in the face of adversity.