Facebook user Drey Drey Yeo shared the case of a 6-year old boy who allegedly placed his hands up his classmate’s skirt. The girl was startled and tried unsuccessfully to stop him.
The following is the parent’s account of what transpired as shared by Drey Drey Yeo in her Facebook.
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My younger daughter who is attending childcare at PCF Sparkletots preschool @ Taman Jurong Block 161 was molested in school yesterday during her afternoon nap time.
The boy who molested her was her 6 year old Malay classmate. At 1pm yesterday as usual the teacher instruct all the student in the childcare to take their afternoon nap.
What happen was, when my daughter was sound asleep, this Malay boy sneak up to her and put his hand inside of her school skirt (with a shorts attached) and started caressing her private part. The boy’s action shocked my daughter up from her sleep and in a state of shock and daze, she tried to stop the boy from touching her any further but the boy kept on forcing his way through.
At this point of time my daughter panicked and started to look around for help but not a single teacher was in sight and after awhile the housekeeper of the childcare centre appeared and only then the boy stopped what he was doing.
My daughter classmate saw everything the boy had done to my daughter and therefore there was eye witness and the boy admitted to his deed too after being questioned.
At about 5pm, my daughter’s form teacher called up, and inform me to go to school office immediately as something has happen to my daughter.
What has been followed up in the principal’s office was so disappointing. The principal just merely informed me that such a thing had happened to my daughter and the school has already done their part by calling up the boy’s mother.And the mother just told the principal
to beat her boy and thats it. The boy mother keep claiming she got headache and cannot be bothered with it. (never even bother to turn up)
As the principal told us that they are not allowed to beat the boy. What the school can do is to bring the boy away from my daughter and case closed. Not even a word of apology from the school and not even a word of apology from the boy’s parent.
Personally i feel that bringing the boy away from my daughter and putting him with other children is never going to solve the issue. Sooner or later there will be another victim if this is not resolved properly.
The principal just give me the feeling that she just want to push the responsibility away.
So i decided to go down to the police station last night to seek advice from the police.
I told the police i did not want to pursue anything against the 6 year old boy, because i feel it is the parent’s fault and also caused by the school negligence.
So the police told me to just withdraw out and change my girl to another childcare. Changing childcare means need to fork out thousands of dollars.
And why the offender continue in the school when the victim have to fork out money and change childcare? Where is the fairness?
Even the police officer also sympathise with my situation. and advised me to go to the school today and put pressure on the school.
But this morning when i went to the school, the form teacher told me the principal is on leave. (What the hell?!?!)
After contacting the principal, she states that she is on medical leave and she got more important matter to attend to in other childcare. (What the hell, are there anymore
much serious case in other childcare centre than this at the moment?)
Damn piss off. The principal seems like she cant be bothered with it.
When my daughter’s form teacher heard me telling her that i am going to post my case into social media so that the higher authority can help me out. The principal immediately called me now and tell me to meet up. But its too late. Because you are too irresponsible as a principal. You lack the quality to be the principal of so many PCF childcare centre. I wondered how many hundreds or thousands of young children are been entrusted to you, they safety and welfare are definitely in danger.
This lead to why i decide to post this out to social media. Where is the justice? and members of the public please help me by telling me how can i seek justice. The name of the principal is MRS CAROLE TAN. And i believe she is the helper or some kind of grassroot leaders for our Deputy Prime Minister MR Tharman.
My girl is now feeling so frightened and traumatised. She even voiced out that she is so scared that it will happen again. she doesn’t want to nap in the school with the boy’s presence because she is afraid he would anytime crawl over to touch her again.its so devastating to hear this from her.
CASE 2 :
Just 3 months ago, my daughter was banged right into the face by her classmates leaving her with a bruised cut on her left eye and her brand new specs which cost $150 was broken
due to the impact. And 3 months ago the principal also handled the matter in a similar way. No apology from school. And when i seek assurances from the principal, the principal says that she cannot guarantee it will never happen again. So i asked her, if i make another new pair of specs for my daughter and her classmates breaks it again, means i have to keep repeatedly making new pair of specs for my daughter? And there was only silence. (silence means consent)
Same case.The boy’s mother never turn up and never compensate for the broken specs. (due to principal says when in dispute parents are not allowed to meet up) But i already forgive and forget, shouldn’t this be a basic courtesy to at least apologise to me?
In fact, the principal tell us to go and repair the broken specs. Why should i repair the brand new specs when the correct way should be compensating me back the same brand new pair.
After asserting some pressure on the principal, the principal come up with a CO -PAY plan which i turn down flatly.
(Can you imagine you bought a pair of brand new specs and i broke it, and i tell you to each pay half for it. What the hell the principal is thinking) Upon knowing that the boy family is not very well off, i decide to tell the principal to forgo the whole matter. Really regretted it.
Because if i have put lots of pressure on the school, today this molest case might not have happen to my daughter. Because i am sure the school would have make better arrangement if i had assert huge pressure on the school.
– My daughter just enrolled into this childcare centre this year (Jan 2016)
– First week of school brand new specs broken by her male classmate.
– 3 months later, which is now being molested by Malay boy classmate.
– Total time in school only about 3 months.
– Principal of school really not up to standard
Help to share this post around and hopefully the higher authority can do something to assist or advise

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