On April 24 KST, it was announced that the forthcoming romance drama ‘Can This Love Be Translated?’ crafted by the esteemed Hong Sisters and starring Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung, is primed for its debut on Netflix.

The storyline of ‘Can This Love Be Translated?’ revolves around a man employed as a multilingual interpreter and a woman who articulates love in a wholly different manner.

Their paths converge, initiating a voyage of mutual comprehension amidst their disparities.

Photo: Wikipedia/Kim Seon Ho

Romantic saga

Penned by the acclaimed Hong Sisters, renowned for hits such as ‘The Greatest Love’ and ‘Hotel Del Luna’, and directed by Yoo Young Eun, this drama will signify Kim Seon Ho’s reentry into the romance genre.

Kim Seon Ho portrays Joo Ho Jin, a polyglot interpreter, while Go Yoon Jung embodies the character of Cha Moo Hee, a top actress, setting the stage for an unfolding romantic saga.

Kim Seon Ho, acclaimed for his recent portrayal in ‘The Childe’, adeptly juggles his filming schedule for ‘Can This Love Be Translated?’ alongside other projects like ‘The Tyrant’ and ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ and ‘In The Net’.

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In the meantime, Go Yoon Jung, renowned for her roles in ‘Moving’ and ‘Death’s Game’, is preparing for her upcoming venture in PD Shin Won Ho’s tvN series ‘Wise Resident Life’.

Her collaboration with the Hong Sisters marks yet another milestone in her career.

Nominations for Best New Actor Award

Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung have received nominations for the Best New Actor Award in both film and drama categories at the upcoming 60th Baeksang Arts Awards, intensifying anticipation for their performances in ‘Can This Love Be Translated?’

‘Can This Love Be Translated?’ is slated to commence filming in the first half of the year. With its proficient cast and innovative team, it will offer an exhilarating addition to the romance genre.

Kim Seon Ho is a popular South Korean actor who started his career in theatre before transitioning to television.

His big break came in 2020 with the tvN drama “Start-Up,” where his portrayal of a supportive second lead garnered him widespread recognition and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

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Go Yoon Jung is a rising South Korean actress and model who’s been making a name for herself in television dramas and films. Born on April 22, 1996, she started her career in modeling after being scouted for her talent and looks.