Makansutra founder KF Seetoh criticised raising of the higher salary benchmark for Employment Pass (EP) holders as it would create a wealth gap between foreigners and Singaporeans – such disparity has already caused much disquiet and unease with our heartlanders.

Mr Seetoh said this on his Facebook page on Tuesday (Mar 22). He was  responding to the Manpower Ministry’s letter to The Straits Times  Forum page, by its divisional director for manpower planning and policy, Kenny Tan.

“They already said no singaporeans want and shun these F&B jobs. And u go on about productivity, benchmarking, funding, Complementary Assessment Framework, job redesign etc..and nail their coffin with a ‘must continue to attract and retain Singaporeans’.

“Such disconnect,” Mr Seetoh said.

He added a dose of sarcasm: “It must be very difficult to govern when you walk on the clouds with no feel of the ground. It is very hurtful to the populace involved in SMEs n Micro industries”.

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“As you welcome and hire … ‘foreign talents’ in the upper echelons, have u thought … who’s gonna drive them, cook (for) n serve them,  wash their cars, care for them in the hospitals n dispense medicine and sweep the cthe grand roads they walk on?

“Singaporeans? Which ones?” he concludes on a note of incredulity.

He called on people in charge to “rethink how you want to serve the struggling citizens doing their best to survive and succeed. Talk to friends on the ground and listen la, then be concerned”.