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Justice Juan Merchan denied the defense’s mistrial request on Tuesday in former President Donald Trump’s business records trial in Manhattan, dismissing claims that Stormy Daniels’ testimony was prejudicial. Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, argued Daniels’ evolving story and details of her alleged encounter with Trump were inflammatory. 

Breitbart states, Blanche emphasized the difficulty in countering Daniels’ testimony on consent, advocating for a mistrial or limited testimony exclusion. However, Merchan, acknowledging the excessive detail in Daniels’ testimony, declined the mistrial motion but imposed restrictions on its use by the jury. 

Despite objections from the defense, Merchan defended his decision, prompting disagreement between the defense and prosecutors over prior understanding of questioning boundaries.

Judge Merchan attacked by conservatives over alleged surface documents 

In addition to this, a surfaced document claiming to be from Stormy Daniels states that she was never paid “hush money.” Furthermore, conservatives state that the judge threatened to give Trump jail time if he did not delete the post. But,  users are reposting this document all over social media. 


Following that, Democrat supporters state that the trial was done in a court of law along with a jury. The claim that Stormy Daniels was working together with Biden has no solid basis to it as there is a lack of evidence for that. But conservatives fought back stating that there is no crime, and Trump did not get a jury of his peers. 

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