Entertainment Arts Jessica Simpson deletes John Mayer's number after his controversial comments

Jessica Simpson deletes John Mayer’s number after his controversial comments

She also acknowledges that Mayer openly apologised and did not want to take that away from him.




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Singer Jessica Simpson will be unveiling a book called Open Book where she shares about sexual abuse, alcohol and pill addiction and becoming sober in 2017.

Buzzfeed reported People by saying that Simpson also talked about issues with John Mayer and that time he called her ‘sexual napalm’ in an interview.

In a nutshell, she was dating Mayer on and off in 2006 and 2007 after splitting from Nick Lachey.

In 2010, when things did not go well for them, Mayer shared with Playboy that Simpson was ‘sexual napalm’.

What he said gained a lot of attention and he eventually said sorry for his comment.

In Simpson’s book, she talks about the ‘sexual napalm’ incident from her own view and shared that she removed Mayer’s contact after he said that.

John Mayer said some insensitive comments about Jessica Simpson. Picture: Instagram

She wrote that Mayer thought she wanted to be called that but instead she was embarrassed that her grandma was going to read that.
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Simpson also said she thought he was the most loyal person and when she read it and he was not that was it for her and she decided to remove him from her contact list.

She also acknowledges that Mayer openly apologised and did not want to take that away from him.

Simpson said that Mayer did not see her point of view on the drama as a young woman in the spotlight.

Simpson said that he knows a lot of this about her but does not know the perspective she has as a woman as Jessica in her 20s.
Simpson has nothing to worry about as she is happily married with three children. Recalling some moments for Open Book was difficult but Simpson said that sharing her story is the most rewarding experience. /TISG

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