SINGAPORE: There is no doubt that the new BTO project Rivervale Shores in Sengkang has been a long-awaited blessing to many families and singles, but the amount of litter and renovation debris, as well as old furniture and household items, has been more than an eyesore for many.

Sengkang GRC’s Members of Parliament, the Workers’ Party’s Louis Chua, Jamus Lim and He Ting Ru, are therefore appealing “to all our new residents, to remind their contractors and sub-contractors on the importance of responsible waste disposal and housekeeping, and together, let us create a pleasant living environment for all!”

Mr Chua, who represents Rivervale ward, posted photos of the three MPs amid what appeared to be a lot of trash and debris, including one picture where Messrs Chua & Lim and Ms He are all sitting in a tub with their hands up and puzzled expression.

He wrote that aside from the problem of renovation debris, the MPs have seen many bulky items and old furniture, including sofas and bathtubs, that have been disposed around the new estate.

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“We will be following up with the NEA on monitoring and enforcement actions, in relation to the indiscriminate littering and dumping of bulky refuse in the estate,” added Mr Chua.

There have been a number of posts online of the litter in the estate, with some residents claiming that the litter has encouraged the rodent and pest population in the area, which the WP MPs are tackling.

People’s Action Party member Ling Wei Hong, active on the ground at Sengkang, wrote on Aug 16 that the problem has been happening for some weeks.

However, by Aug 17, he noted that he “was quite happy to read Mr Louis Chua’s post yesterday. It seemed that TC had taken some immediate action, and I would be able to tell the resident who sought my help that I have managed to get TC’s attention.” /TISG

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