As Miami Heat fans eagerly anticipate the potential Damian Lillard trade, Tyler Herro added fuel to the fire with an Instagram post hinting at the ongoing ‘Lillard for Herro’ speculation.

Lillard, a beloved figure in the Portland Trail Blazers organization, has spent 11 seasons with the team, boasting impressive averages of 25.2 points, 6.7 assists, and 4.2 rebounds across 769 regular-season games. However, his unexpected trade request in July and his desire to join the Miami Heat took fans by surprise.

Tyler Herro still in Miami Heat? 

Determined to make the move to Miami, Lillard has remained steadfast in his preference for the Heat. He even stated that if traded elsewhere, he would seek a transfer to the Heat once again.

The news quickly spread across social media, garnering support from fans who endorse Lillard’s decision and encourage the Trail Blazers to facilitate his move to the Heat, allowing him to fully unleash his talents.

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A new update this week though shook fans and made them anticipate more with the trade-off finally happening when John Gambadoro, Phoenix sports insider and radio broadcaster, said that Lillard is going to be ‘traded very soon’.

“Damian Lillard is going to get traded very soon… I’m expecting a Damian Lillard trade imminently,” Gambadoro said on Arizona Sports Radio.

“I would even say probably within the next 24 hours, I am expecting from what I’m hearing, a Damian Lillard trade.”

In the midst of all this excitement, however, there is one individual who is not as enthusiastic as the general public, and that is none other than Tyler Herro, the player rumored to be the potential trade chip for Lillard.

Lillard dropped an IG post that featured a picture of him sitting comfortably in an airplane with the lyrics of Rod Wave & Wet’s Nostalgia hugely displayed beside him:

“Ain’t no friends in this business, cutthroat competition
Lot of n****s get inside this position and lose the vision
So I’m focused more than ever, been grindin’ like we ain’t winnin’
I was stuck inside that bottom with problems, gettin’ evicted.”

Although it appeared to be a routine post, the fans raised an eyebrow. The opening phrase, “Ain’t no friends in this business, cutthroat competition,” caught the attention of the audience in particular since they perceived it as a subliminal confirmation that he had been traded by the Miami Heat for Lillard.

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Tyler Herro had a fantastic season in 2022–23 with the Miami Heat, appearing in 67 games and racking up stellar stats. He was able to contribute to the team by scoring 20.1 points per game, collecting 5.4 rebounds per game, and adding 4.2 assists. And he may have thought that, having done so much for the team, they wouldn’t possibly dare trade him for Lillard.

But as nothing is confirmed yet, Herro, whether the fans like it or not, is still part of the Miami Heat.

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