The Netflix smash documentary Wrestlers, which debuted on September 13, recently featured WWE icon Al Snow. The seven-episode series covers the rise and fall of stars like HollyHood Haley J and Mahabali Shera in the wrestling industry as well as Al Snow’s battle to keep Ohio Valley Wrestling solvent. The documentary’s success shows that it has a wide audience and makes it a Netflix favorite, which goes beyond lovers of wrestling.

Al Snow, a seasoned WWE veteran, praises director Greg Whiteley for his accurate depiction of the wrestling business. He hopes that “Wrestlers” would inspire fans to respect and admire their favorite performers and pique the interest of non-fans to learn more about their interesting journeys. This documentary’s stunning depiction of wrestling’s attraction entices viewers to explore the fascinating world of zeal, tenacity, and the human spirit found within the ring.

AI Snow said; “I feel like I could trust the director, Greg Whiteley, and the crew from BBC American to treat the business with respect and to show enough that if you’re a wrestling fan, I sincerely hope it gives you new appreciation and respect for the wrestlers and the wrestling business that is so lacking from the outside of our world,” an article from shared.

Vince Russo enjoyed the Al Snow-directed documentary

In the most recent episode of “Writing with Russo,” Vince Russo declared that “Wrestlers” is the best wrestling show currently airing on television. Al Snow’s efforts as a promoter and trainer were also commended, and he gave WWE’s new owners, Endeavour, the advice to assign him the duty of preparing new talent at OVW for a successful future in wrestling.

Vince Russo said; “I saw one episode of it, and it’s the best wrestling show on TV. No doubt about it. I sat there and watched it with my wife. A storyline in the show is they are hiring for money. If I’m Endeavor, I’m gonna say, ‘Throw these guys a million dollars.’ You’ve got Al Snow down there. Let him develop us new talent. You do it for a fraction of the cost. I think these are the things they are gonna be looking at,” an article from shared.

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