“Want to do it, do it big. Do it in AMK GRC…It’s history in the making for LHY and TCB if they choose to compete in AMK GRC. Win or lose, both men will always be respected, admired and remembered by Singaporeans. It’s worth the sacrifice”, said netizen Nathan Chen.

Following Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s breakfast with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother Lee Hsien Yang in Ang Mo Kio, speculation has arisen as to whether the younger Mr Lee will contest alongside Dr Tan.

The two men were seen together having breakfast at Ang Mo Kio Market and Food Centre at Block 409, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 – a hawker centre located in PM Lee’s own ward.

PM Lee has been the Member of Parliament for Teck Ghee, and Ang Mo Kio GRC from 1984 till present, a total of 35 years, consecutively, barring the times when parliament was dissolved for the elections.

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Mr Lee Hsien Yang has not only been seen with Dr Tan Cheng Bock on several other occasions after the breakfast they had, he has also attended many other events organised by opposition members.

Dr Tan’s meeting with the ‘other Mr Lee’ came days after Dr Tan announced his return to politics and the formation of his own opposition party called the Progress Singapore Party.

During their breakfast at Teck Ghee, Dr Tan and Mr Lee were also joined by four others, now revealed to be some of Dr Tan’s party members.

Last November, the two men also met for breakfast at the famous hawker centre at Blk 726 West Coast Market.

Amongst other constituencies, Dr Tan’s party has revealed that they will possibly be looking to contest at West Coast GRC.

Because Mr Lee’s support for Dr Tan is no secret, with Lee Hsien Yang publicly showing his support for Dr. Tan and believing that he is the “leader that Singapore deserves”, speculation has it that the younger Mr Lee could be contesting in the very ward helmed by his older brother.

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Many Singaporeans have been urging ‘the other Mr Lee’ to join as Dr Tan’s party mate.

Just yesterday, socio-political activist Gilbert Goh commented, “with Lee Hsien Yang as his running mate and other likely solid GRC contenders in toil, there is every chance that the new party could win a GRC in it’s(sic) maiden run at the polls”.

Netizens were no different in expressing similar sentiments.


So, is the other Mr Lee going to contest at Teck Ghee? /TISG