SINGAPORE: In a recent post on the online forum r/askSingapore, a man shared that he and his wife are discussing the possibility of relocating to Singapore with their employers. He asked, “Is 200k salary per year in SG for a couple enough?”

If their plans unfold smoothly, his next main concern is whether their combined annual income, estimated at approximately S$200,000 based on his research on Glassdoor, will be sufficient for a comfortable life in Singapore.

Additionally, the man mentioned in his post that they are currently without children but are contemplating starting a family within the next 2-3 years. They also plan to rely on public transportation and are interested in living in a 2-bedroom condo.

“200k and you will be very comfortable with just the couple. But if you add kids the school fees will suck you dry”

Singaporean Redditors assured the man that an annual income of S$200,000 would offer him and his wife a comfortable lifestyle in Singapore. 

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One Redditor said, “200k would be comfortable. 100k each, you’ll have to be careful with your spend.”

While another Redditor commented, “You can absolutely get by with $200k.” 

Some even suggested practical tips for managing expenses. They mentioned that they could get meals for as affordable as $5 per meal at hawker centres or food courts, or if they preferred to cook at home, they could purchase their ingredients at lower prices at stores that sell them.

Moreover, they highlighted that essentials, like toiletries and clothing, are generally affordable, with the cost varying based on the brands chosen.

In terms of housing, they recommended considering apartments or condos outside the central area to save on rent costs. However, some Redditors warned the man that things could change significantly once kids enter the picture. 

One Redditor said, “200k and you will be very comfortable with just the couple. But if you add kids the school fees will suck you dry.”

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Another Redditor provided a theoretical breakdown of their expenses should they choose to relocate to Singapore:

“Per month: Tax – 1600 (800 each) Rent – 4000 (In heartlands) Utilities/Grocery – 1000 Dining out/Entertainment – 1000 Taxi/Pub Transport – 300 House and general personal shopping – 500 Traveling back home – 2000

Approximately 10K, of course things change based on how far your home country is, how much you want to spend on vacation and your shopping and dining habits.

In general just for 2 persons it should be quite comfortable. But once you have a child, you may need a helper, school for expat kids costs around 3K+ so that also needs to be considered. Hope you get an idea.”

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