An employer who was annoyed with her helper took to social media asking others what sort of punishment should be meted out to the latter.

In an anonymous post on Wednesday (Aug 31), the employer wrote that her helper washed her Louis Vuitton shawl “without asking me how it should be done or if I wanted to get it washed”. She added that the shawl cost her S$1,000 and was something she only used twice.

“Obviously she did the usual way by throwing into the washing machine and now the once very pretty piece of shawl looks like a worthless piece of cloth. Her apology worths (sic) nothing and this is not the first time she’s spoiling the things in the house”, the employer wrote. 

Added to the list of things the helper had ruined was a Dyson vacuum cleaner that had only lasted six months and a Xiaomi water boiler that had lasted less than three months.

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The employer wrote: “What should I do to her when she keeps spoiling things in my house? Asking her go is too easy isn’t it? She just get away with it”. She added that she had already warned the helper to be gentle and take care of their belongings because they were all “bought by our hard earned money”.

“I’m truly annoyed”, the employer wrote.

Netizens who commented on the post wrote that the employer had to be the one responsible for her own belongings. They added that she should have instructed her helper on what needed to be done.

Here’s what they said:

In July this year, a foreign domestic worker who wrote that she was unable to handle working in a 3-storey bungalow with two dogs and a car desperately asked netizens for advice on how she could be transferred to another household quickly.

In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the helper wrote, that because she was required to do the chores in a 3-storey bungalow that included dealing with two dogs and washing the car every day, she asked her employer to release her. She added that she was now with her agent.

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While she was with her agent, other employers were able to interview her, and she found another prospective employer. However, she added that this prospective employer was involved in a legal battle because of their previous helper. As such, she wrote that she was still waiting for her deployment.

Maid says she can’t handle 3-storey bungalow, 2 dogs and washing car daily, desperately wants new employer