International Business & Economy Increasing e-Ticket Demand Causes Sistic to Close 11 Authorised Agent Counters

Increasing e-Ticket Demand Causes Sistic to Close 11 Authorised Agent Counters




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Singapore: The business world is rapidly transforming. Old processes and systems are becoming automated requiring less manpower. Almost anything can be done online. Companies today are either pushed to keep up with the pace and innovate or be forced into extinction, much like Kodak films.

SISTIC, Singapore’s leading ticketing service and solution provider, is experiencing such changes in consumer buying preferences. On November 30, the company closed down 11 of its 39 authorised agent counters island-wide.

The following locations are where SISTIC’s ticket counters will no longer be operating: Bedok Mall, Bishan Junction 8, Bugis+, Bukit Panjang Plaza, IMM, JCube, Lot One, Plaza Singapura, Tampines Mall, The Star Vista and Westgate.

The reason for shutting down around a quarter of its agent counters is because customers are opting for e-tickets which can be conveniently purchased online rather than buying them at a booth.

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It was only five years ago that Mr. Joe Ow, SISTIC’s chief executive, enjoyed an 80 percent share of customers purchasing tickets at their stalls and 20 percent choosing e-tickets during a scheduled event. Today, the tables have turned and only 20 percent of SISTIC’s ticket sales come from physical store purchases.

Venues have also upgraded their systems and installed scanners for e-tickets instead of manual ticket stubbing during an event. The former has proven to be a highly efficient solution giving promoters more accurate data from their clients.

Photo: YouTube screengrab – Example of a ticket scanner at an event

Mr. Ow stated that [SISTIC] “believes that the current offline channels will be sufficient to serve the needs of those who still opt to collect their tickets via authorised agents.”

Meanwhile, the company is also innovating and expanding into more options to offer their services digitally.

Today, people are more and more confident with online purchasing and choosing this option to purchase tickets for flights, movies, concerts and other events. This saves the customer a lot of time queuing at a counter which is only open at scheduled periods or waiting for home delivery. Physical tickets also have a tendency to be misplaced, a problem that is solved by an electronic version.

Customers can currently purchase tickets via SISTIC’s hotline, website, mobile app or its remaining 29 agents.

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