SINGAPORE: In a Facebook post, a Singaporean complains about an inconsiderate motorbike driver who parked his vehicle in front of Woodleigh Mall’s pedestrian ramp.

The woman wrote on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE’s Facebook page: “Noticed several wheelchair, pmd users and stroller users being blocked by this big bike parked brazenly near the front of the Woodleigh Mall police station.” She then added that people who have to use the ramp have to “take a big detour” for them to reach the mall/residences of the area. 

“The pavement/accessible ramp is not your personal parking lot!! Got money to buy motorbike, no money to park?!?” the woman concluded. 


Netizens share their opinions on the subject matter. 

One netizen advised that the woman should inform the security for the motorbike to be clamped. Another netizen suggested sending the pictures to the Land Transport Authority. One more user mentioned downloading the OneService app and reporting the incident under illegal parking. 

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Illegal Parking in Singapore

According to the Land Transport Authority, illegal parking may be penalized and receive demerit points for parking offences. 

The guidelines stated: Parking indiscriminately can obstruct and inconvenience other road users. It may also block the view of pedestrians or other motorists, resulting in accidents. Parking means stopping a vehicle other than to immediately pick up and drop off passengers, goods or luggage. A waiting vehicle can be considered to be parking even if the driver is present, or if the engine is running. You may be penalised for illegal parking and receive demerit points for parking offences.” 

LTA may give drivers a notice for illegal parking, and they may settle it by paying a fine. 

If you do not pay the fine by the first deadline, it will increase by $20. If you still do not make the payment, you will need to go to Court and pay an even higher fine,” the guidelines state. 

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“Offenders who receive two or more illegal parking notices within 12 months will be considered repeat offenders. Repeat offenders have to pay a higher fine, which can be up to 60% more,” the guidelines added.

LTA also encourages drivers to use the Parking Guidance System to check parking lot availability for areas around Singapore. This delivers information through 29 roadside electronic information panels so you can view car park availability even while driving. The information is available via various digital platforms such as OneMotoring and mobile application as well. 

“It is an offence to park your vehicle outside of stipulated areas. Avoid committing an offence by learning more about illegal parking,” LTA says.