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Everyone wants their relationship to last and not just gravitate towards the mundane. But the trick is ensure that you make the effort and both partners need to work towards maintaining it as well to continue to retain a strong emotional connection and bond.

These are just some way to improve and retain love, respect and trust in your partnership by using the  5C’s :

  1. Chemistry

Chemisty is not just about physical attraction but its also taking an interest in the other person’s thought and feelings in order to understand, appreciate and empathise with their wants and needs.

It shows a willingness to reach out and be honest with your feelings with each other which enhances the attraction and compatibility between both people.

  1. Common goals

As the saying goes, couples who do things together, stay together. As much as the small things matter, the bigger things also do. Developing a common goal and working towards it gives the relationship more depth and makes it more authentic and long lasting.

This includes working towards a certain future that both of you have imagined both in the short and long term. It reflects a true intention to share your life together.

  1. Commitment

Commitment is equally important. Setting an intention to be loving, accepting and faithful goes a long way towards keeping things alive.

It makes the connection stronger and more vibrant and shows that you are not just about yourself and selfish needs but are also committed to helping, loving and cherishing your partner.

  1. Communication

We often say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment or sometimes even unintentionally. Making the time and effort to rectify the situation via good and clear communication is so important.

Good communication brings couples closer and fosters more trust in the relationship.

  1. Consensus

Consensus is about coming to an understanding where both parties feel a win. It allows for being yourself and having your views but also the ability to compromise through communication and dialogue.

Arriving at a common ground through consensus is a rewarding feeling and gives both people a sense of fairness and comfort.

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