In the early hours of the morning, Malaysian police reported that they seized 284 boxes containing designer handbags and approximately 72 bags stuffed with cash and jewellery from a private residence linked to former prime minister Najib Razak.

Amar Singh, head of the Malaysian police commercial crime investigation unit, told the media that it was impossible to assess the value of the goods seized because of its volume.

“Our personnel checked these bags and discovered various currencies including Malaysian ringgit, US dollars, watches and jewellery in 72 bags,” he said. He also added that among the handbags were Hermes and Louis Vuitton brands.

Singh confirmed that the raids are related to the ongoing investigations of multi-billion scandal involving the Najib-founded state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad(1MDB).

When asked whether the goods were sufficient evidence to prosecute Najib, he said that was up to Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

“I only received orders to conduct the raids with regard to the 1MDB case. We have investigated this case with professionalism … I have also instructed all my personnel to conduct a detailed and thorough investigation,” he said.

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Najib’s Step-daughter Azrene lashes out in a Facebook post

In a Facebook post a week ago, Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz, Najib Razak’s estranged stepdaughter and self-proclaimed “black sheep of the family” lashed out at both her parents, confirming the jewellery, cash and wealth her parents amassed and stashed away.

Azrene’s post, which received 76,000 reactions and 17,000 comments, was lengthy and controversial.

From Rosmah Mansor’s first marriage to Abdul Aziz Nong Chik, she had two children, Azrene and her brother Riza Aziz. Azrene is an Image Consultant, and according to her website, she “graduated from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Law and Masters in Human Rights Law with particular interest in the subjects of Rights of the Child and Women’s Rights”.

The riches of the family

There has always been speculation over the former PM’s wife and all the riches that she allegedly lived her life with. Azrene’s no-holds-barred post seemed to suggest it has been more than speculation. Najib’s stepdaughter alleged, “The numerous offshore accounts opened to launder money out of the country for their personal spending. The steel safes full of jewels, precious stones and cash amassed. Being made a cash mule or even crystal shoes mule carrying these quietly into and out of the country was no fun either, let me tell you. The countless attempts to sell me into marriage to the highest bidder or even persons with the highest position that will be able to help them gain political and social advantage.”

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With regards to the IMDB scandal, Azrene alleged that Najib was aware –and involved – along with his family.

She said, “This family resorted to committing the disgustingly treasonous act of stealing from their people billions of dollars which they proceeded to use not just as their personal coffers to the detriment of the people but to bribe, extort and silence.”

The entirety of her post was accusatory and angry, with her ending it in a blaze of fury and sarcasm.

She said, “You reap what you sow, not a penny less and not a penny more. God has answered the rakyat’s prayers. God has answered my family’s prayers. You have finally been summarily removed. As a blood relative to this family, I pray that you will use this experience and time to repent and return to the right path. Allahuakbar, May He have mercy on your black souls. Only He has the power to forgive the lot of you”.

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Her post:

Azrene is no stranger to speaking out against the actions of her family, and has done so on previous occasions.