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How the Kens in Barbie got their abs sculpted with just 9 minutes of core workout

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There was also no specific diet or cutting of carbs because the actors needed their energy for the workout process

Ryan Gosling and the rest of the Kens in Barbie managed to get sculpted abs with just a simple nine-minute core workout.

Their trainer David Higgins told GQ magazine that he whipped the actors into shape with a simple workout combining weight-lifting and Pilates.

How the Kens did it

The Kens did push-ups, pull-ups, and planks, and for the cardio session, the actors, including Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa, did two hours of dance training for the film’s musical clips.

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The team also played some basketball and ping-pong in between.

Higgins said there was no specific diet or cutting of carbs because the actors needed their energy, but they were asked to cut out processed foods. They were also asked to do some intermittent fasting.

9-minute workout:

  1. Rollbacks
  2. Leg lifts
  3. Two-step crunch
  4. Crossbody crunch
  5. Rope climb
  6. Windscreen wiper
  7. Static dead bugs

In an interview with Pop Sugar, Higgins said that the idea for training for the Barbie film was always that everyone should be having fun and feeling good.

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“It wasn’t aesthetics. I always find that the aesthetics come naturally when you’re working out properly and you’re looking after your diet, but it wasn’t ever the focus. It was more of a team-building, community experience. . . it wasn’t like the superhero movies that I usually work on, where [the goal] is very specific, like, let’s create these superhero bodies. Barbie was more about: let’s just feel good and if you feel good, that’s going to translate on camera.”

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Higgins is also a physical therapist and believes combining strength training with Pilates is key to a good physique, as Pilates also helps with rehabilitation and injury prevention. Pilates is about “control, engagement and correct alignment,” he says.

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